do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

it’s called makeup

you can put eyeliner on a frat boy that doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s wearing a neon muscle shirt and nike flip flops

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Luncheon of the Super Rich Kids
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Luncheon of the Boating Party (1881) / Super Rich Kids, Frank Ocean
"Lovely days don’t come to you. You should walk to them." by Rumi  (via wondersify)

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Model Marsha Hunt, 1970s


India K’s "Share Landscapes" feel like a cool breath of air in my winter shriveled lungs.

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did anyone ever tell the Backstreet Boys why

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"I’m used to it" by The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via suckingonlarry)

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Thomas LerooyNot Enough Brains to Survive, 2009, Bronze

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John Waters
I set this photo up in John’s New York living room next to a George Stoll toilet paper holder. The toilet paper was made of chiffon. John told me his building superintendent did not understand at all why he would want a toilet paper holder in his living room - Jeannette Montgomery Barron